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I work online with writers as well as publishers looking to launch their next project that need design solutions for their book publishing. I work to create high quality and professional book covers that are more visually appealing, appeal to potential readers and also meet the deadlines and printer requirements.

I design ebooks as well as hard copies, interior layouts and illustrations for publishing. I work closely with you through a simplified process from the initial conceptualization to the final formatting for publishing on various platforms including Kindle, CreateSpace, and Diggypod.

If you are an upcoming writer, or business owner who understands the benefits of content marketing, book publishing is a great strategy to build your credibility and personal brand as well. It is highly recommended and I look forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have and working with you to develop your next project. Below are some of my past works.

Redeemed Life

"WHAT JUST HAPPENED" By Tracy Graves Stevens was one of my recent projects. It is a self-help spiritual memoir based on a true story of the authors trials and tribulations.

The composition was designed through a better understanding of the subject matter of the book as well as her style and genre. The cover depicts a woman in a valley of flames and she is reaching out to the heavens. In the background is a vast and foggy landscape with rays of light coming down and praying eyes. To learn more about the author you can visit

Book Cover Design for Non-Fiction on the truths behind the Incarceration System

600 Days Inn By Chris Moshinskie is a true story that exposes what the legal system, county jail and prison is really like for most middle and lower class citizens who may not be able to afford a good lawyer or bail.

It doubles as a handbook for those who have or will face jail time and their friends and family members as well. The cover depicts a middle aged man from corporate America who is going into the unknown territory and looking back at his past.

So You Want To Be A College Scholar Athlete

So You Want To Be A College Scholar Athlete by Coach Fermon Tate Jr is a spiral-bound manual guide filled with useful information to help high school students looking forward to a career as an athlete in a Division I,II, OR III college. The project began in July of 2016 and was finally launched in June of 2017 for external reasons. It was also featured on the Delta News.

The style for the cover was something very dynamic, exciting and colorful. It depicts a diverse group of professional athletes in various activities from basketball to track and field. It was intended to be motivational and allow the readers to see themselves in the future in the position of the athletes that they look up too.

Enlarging Bostons Spotlight(A Call for Courage, Integrity and Institutional Transformation)
Enlarging Bostons Spotlight

I worked with the Author, Dee Ann Miller on her second book called, "Enlarging Boston's Spotlight: A Call for Courage, Integrity, and Institutional Transformation." It is a political book exposing the scandals within the church as well as other complex political issues associated with the Donald Trump Era and beyond. The project began on the 2nd of April, 2017 and was finished on the 12th.

The cover depicts the name of the book written in a bright marquee above a stage with light being shed on the negative issues we face in our society. Inside the beam of light are the positive values we need and at the bottom is the subtitle. To learn more about the author you can visit Kansas Public Radio Interview

Just Following orders, Escape from Guerilla Warfare in 1863 is another book by Dee Ann Miller. It is a fictional novel based on American history that occurred during the 1860s when confederate guerillas tore through Kansas leaving thousands of people homeless and displaced.

This was one of the most dangerous times in the history of Kansas but it had to be depicted in a way that was appropriate for middle and high school students studying history. The project started on the 10th of June, 2014 and was published on the 30th. It also features an illustration of the historical John Wornall house on the top left which is now a well-known museum for its significance.

If you are an upcoming writer or publisher with questions and concerns on how to get your book ready for production then feel free to reach out. You may also have trouble meeting deadlines, production requirements, developing the concept you have in mind, or agreeing on the right design direction that would connect with buyers. Follow the link below to get started!

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