Brand Design

Brand Design

I offer professional design solutions for various forms of visual branding, marketing collateral or advertising purposes. I work online independently with startups across the US as well as those looking to launch a new message campaign, introduce a new product/service, or rebrand that need help developing design concepts to get their project off the ground.

I work with you to tell the story of your brand and communicate your message to the public as well as the new look and feel of your company or organization. This is through the various forms of design from the logo/icon that represents the brand to the merchandise, online and print media touchpoints that help to improve holistic perceptions of your brand.

Visual Identity
Print Media


I have gained experience through independent studies and working with other experts and partners. The best results come from Insight that I get from research as well as working very closely with my clients. I am able to work with you to help you stand out from others in your industry through a better understanding of your objectives, budget, industry, points-of-difference, pain-points and what you aim to deliver to your customers. I try to integrate meaning into my work and explore different ways to connect with customers emotionally through design that is both logically and aesthetically coherent.

good design is good business
Business Card Design
Business Card Design


I have a wide range of services including trademarks or logo development, which includes creation, refinement, animation, editing and reformating. I work with both corporate businesses and lifestyle brands as well and design logos and brand expressions that are authentic, memorable and distinct. I try to get a deeper understanding of your brand as well as your competitors and the various ways that the logo will be used from print to online and mobile scenarios. I also consider how it extends cohesively throughout your visual identity and brand extensions if necessary.

I explore different approaches based on symbolism, emblems, monograms, typography, avatars, etc. The final solution is always provided in the various recommended formats for you to get the best value. I design responsive logos that scale nicely from favicons to large prints. I am also able to answer any questions you may have as well as solve other strategic problems with getting your project of the ground. Below are some of my earlier works.

Business Logos

I also work with startup brands that are looking to connect with peoples daily lifestyles. These are usually clothing lines, christian brands, womens, or petcare. They are also different in their approach and more flexible in their visual design than corporate businesses and professional services. Lifestyle brands are usually targetting a younger audience, women, devout christians and people who enjoy nature and animals as part of their everyday lives.

Lifestyle Brands


Merchandise plays a major role in any brand looking to launch because they are worn almost everyday by supporters and collaborators. I create designs for printing on merchandise during brand promotions as well as flyers for events. Below is a design I did for Grind Time Entertainment which is a startup DJ soundsystem brand for dancehall parties and clubs. The big Idea behind the design is "Dancehall going global".



When I design a logo or any form of brand expression, I also consider how my design expands into signage and fleet or various forms of large-scale advertising for both indoors and outdoors. I look at future implications and if it to be used outdoors or on moving vehicles at night then It would need to be as legible and profound as possible.

fleet branding

I am also able to create mockups that give you a better understanding of how the design would translate through your fleet and signage. I offer design solutions for billboards and digital banners as well. These are highly recommended ways to drive attention to your brand.

Interior branding
signage branding

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.." -Paul Rand


Animation is also a great tool to visualy give people a better idea of your brand. My animation may be simple and brief or more complex and realistic commercials. Below is a short animation I created for Brand New Look, LLC. It describes the experience after your car has been taken care of and the customer rides clean and takes off .

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