I create high quality Digital illustrations for startup projects using softwares like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CC. A lot of my work begins with sketching before they are illustrated and refined on the computer. Most of my work is used for publications, advertising, product-patents, merchandise and gift items as well

Support Group


I worked with Image wine cellars which specialized in the design and creation of custom made wine bottles and glasses  for events and ceremonies. I created a sample digital portrait to go on their exhibition as well as a custom-made presentation folder with the word 'Cheers' in different languages from diverse cultures in a blue color palette.


I worked with Hudson Valley Re-Entry Network which was an organization focused on rehabilitation for inmates. I helped by creating a short series of illustrations to go on their online and print communications. On the left is a group depicted at one of their discussions about change being an inside job.

Digital Portraits
Image Wine Cellars
Image Wine Cellars

Character Design

I create character illustrations for animations and publications. My characters may range from something more realistic or detailed to cartoon caricatures as well. I am also looking to get into 3D modelling in the future.


Cartoon Illustrations and caricatures that capture unique personalities in humorous ways.Usually for both online promotions and printing on merchandise.

Domestic Illustration
Black and White Illustration


I work on small and large scale projects that require pencil illustrations for conceptualizing a product before it is developed. I am able to work with you to bring your invention to life on paper to give people a better understanding of its functionality and process of use. Most of my product drawing projects are confidential but below are some of my earlier works that I would like to share.

Product Plan
Product Renderings
Product Rendering

All my work is done through a better understanding of your product from initial conceptualization to getting the deliverables ready in the right format for production.

charger, plate, product, patent


"Good Design Makes A Product Understandable.." -D. Rams

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