Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing

I create high-quality hand-drawn illustrations, drawings, and renderings in different styles and techniques for business and personal use. My drawings range from cartoon illustrations to realistic portraits that may come framed or scanned for business or personal use.

I create drawings to be used for conceptualization, Political artwork, storyboards for film and more. Below are some of my past works.

Beautiful Struggle


The composition of the left is called "Beautiful Struggle"and it is inspired by the concept of equality and socialist democracy. It was also inspired by the inauguration of the first African American President, Barack Obama as well as civil rights leaders like Dr. King and Malcom X that helped to pave the way.

I create political artwork that resonates with people on multiple levels. I was able to capture the emotion in their facial expressions and created an atmosphere that glorifies the African heritage.


I draw realistic portraits that include fan art, historical icons, family members, pets, and even caricatures. I have many years of experience from capturing distinct facial features to human hair and animal furr textures. My portraits can be framed and used as gift items, or they can be also used as tattoo designs.

Nelson Mandela
Family Portraits
Rest in Peace
Bob Marley
Pet Portraits

On the right is a hand drawn family caricature. They come in custom sized frames and prints. They can also be printed used for print publications or promotional products.

Book Illustrations


I create hand-drawn illustrations for online or print publications. You may be looking for illustrations depicting a narrative for your target audience or buyers. My narrative illustrations can be used for book publishing as well as online content.

They can be used as a form of brand storytelling. People translate visuals quicker than written or verbal narratives.  I am able to work with you through a better understanding of your story and translate it into visuals that are more engaging.




I draw storyboards for film and other projects that require a visual representation of sequences of events. I work by analyzing the script behind the short film, animation, advertisement or any form of narrative and I visualize the various scenes by dividing them into panels for production.

Storyboarding is important for identifying errors at an early stage. They give the producers a better idea of the concepts to find out if they will work or not.



My pencil drawings can also be printed on custom items and souvenirs for massproduction. Products range from iphone cases to apparel and various forms of merchandise. The design is initially hand drawn and conceptualized before it is formated on the computer for printing on merchandise and promotional products.

Custom Products
Custom Products
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